“Great service, extremely reliable, great to call in if needed in an emergency and best of all very keen price”


Comments from one of our valued customers


“Black & Veatch have utilised the services and expertise of Oates Environmental for many years. The service received by Oates has always proved to be very helpful and professional at a competitive price. One main advantage of their service is the extensive knowledge of legislative requirements, and availability of additional services such as laboratory testing and chemical analysis.”


Black & Veatch Ltd



“I find your company to be very competent and helpful. The site visits you carry out to assess waste stream are professional and informative. Your prices seem fair when I carry our comparisons and most importantly your paper work is always correct.”


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LSS Waste Ltd



“As a company, we are committed to reducing waste streams and recycling as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint, since working with Oates this process has become easier, they are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and provide outstanding service, not only removing waste from site but also pitching ideas to us on other way’s to reduce our waste streams and recycle more. I would not hesitate in recommending Oates to anyone, they are more than just a waste provider they are a great on site support.”


Comments from one of our valued customers


Waste Disposal Hull

The university city of Hull in Yorkshire has a thriving port as well as a number of other business industries. Oates Environmental Limited provides Hull with excellent waste disposal services, ensuring the city’s businesses stay running. We work with hazardous industrious wastes, including oil and septic wastes. We also dispose of waste from the printing and building services, including such things as aerosols, sealants and inks.

At Oates Environmental we also work on site decontamination, from spillages to full factory shutdowns. We work quickly and efficiently to get sites back to safe and legal working conditions. We also work on land remediation, analysing, designating and, if necessary, disposing of contamination. We have an excellent soil management system that aims to treat soil instead of having it filling up landfill sites. This is an infinitely more environmentally friendly option.

At Oates Environmental, being green is important to us. That’s why we offer the businesses of Hull the chance to use our composting services. Composting does not have to be restricted to just green wastes, we can also use waste from breweries as well as food and paper productions companies. If you are in Hull and considering composting then get in contact with us and we can talk you through it.

Finally, we provide the city of hull with excellent tank cleaning services. Tanks are used in a number of industries and their maintenance is essential to the smooth running of a company. We clean several different kinds of tanks and we can also dispose of old or unused ones in a safe and fast manner.

Our industrious waste management solutions are essential in the city of Hull. Look out for our bright green trucks around the city and give us a call if we can help you.